Below is a list of my most recent marketing projects. Links to relevant materials (housed on Google Drive) are provided with each description; when you click on a link, you will need to request access before viewing the files.

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Marketing Action Plan – Client: United States Postal Service

  • Course: Integrated Marketing
  • Presentation: May 2013
  • Presentation materials: click here
  • Media Files: click here
  • Project Description: Created a Marketing Action Plan for  The United States Postal Service (USPS). Taking into account the most recent ‘Vision 2013’ USPS report, a plan was devised to integrate with each of the report’s key goals, address the company’s weaknesses and build on its opportunities. Note: In November 2013, USPS and Amazon.com announced a partnership to begin offering Sunday delivery. One of the two main strategies recommended in the Marketing Action Plan was for USPS to focus on building business partnerships with e-commerce companies. While the presentation was given to a classroom audience and not to USPS, it was exciting to see that the analysis yielded a similar recommendation to what actually was announced just six months later.
  • Objectives: (1) Increase unaided awareness of the USPS brand and its product and service offerings by at least 10% per year and (2) Grow shipping and package services sales revenue share by 11.12% per year
  • Strategies for implementation: (1) Foster customer engagement through projects aimed at increasing mail relevance and through targeted use of social media channels and (2) Build business partnerships with a specific focus on e-commerce companies.

Advertising Campaign – Client: Pepsi

  • Courses: Campaign I: Strategy & Execution; Campaign II: Planning & Management
  • Presentation: May 2013
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Prepare and present an advertising campaign for Pepsi. The campaign included all facets of the campaign process in this joint course project.
  • Objective: To regain #2 market share position in the US carbonated soft drink industry by increasing sales volume by at least 0.5%
  • Campaign Name: Back to Normal
  • Big Idea: Personify the worked up state of mind of working professionals to that of a Zombie – a groggy, lethargic, sluggish creature hoping to get ‘back to normal’.

Digital Analysis – Clients: Corona, Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Lager

  • Course: Digital Marketing
  • Presentation: August 2013
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Provided a comprehensive digital marketing analysis of the beer industry with a focus on Corona, Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Brewery. Also provided recommendations and areas for improvement for each of the companies.

Brand and Product Analysis – Client: Arm & Hammer

  • Course: Managing Products and Brands
  • Presentation: December 2013
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Provided a comprehensive brand and product analysis of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Presentation included a SWOT analysis and evaluation of functional and emotional benefits, perceptual mapping, distribution channels, competition, forecasting, brand aesthetics, and pricing strategy, among others.
  • Recommendation: Analysis resulted in the creation of a new key target audience and a recommendation for the company to repackage and merchandise their baking soda as an “on-the-go,” disposable deodorizer pack for use outside the home in gym bags and other equipment needing the product’s deodorizing capabilities.

Customer Insights Analysis – Client: Estée Lauder

  • Course: Consumer Behavior
  • Presentation: May 2014
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Conducted an assessment of the brand and provided recommendations to the client based on insights gleaned from a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Key methodology included desk research, social media listening, hosting a focus group and distributing a survey to the target market. Based on the initial desk research, the following hypothesis was created:
    • If Estée Lauder emphasized it’s long-lasting benefits to Millennial women it would gain relevance in the category and overcome it’s expensive price perception, helping the brand achieve long-term growth.
  • Recommendation: After revisiting the hypothesis and conducting a thorough analysis of the data, the following considerations were presented to the client:
    • consider taking advantage of existing positive perceptions (skin care and product variety)
    • consider aligning the long-lasting benefit to higher price points
    • consider nurturing “Senior to Seniors” demographic to develop a long-term relationship

Customer Acquisition and Retention Marketing Campaign – Client: Condé Nast

  • Course: Database Management and Modeling
  • Presentation: July 2014
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Ran an analysis on a data set of anonymous customer records for one of the client’s publications and used insights to identify their “best” customers. Also recommended a marketing plan that ensured the client acquired and retained more customers from the “best” category. Used
  • Recommendation: Ran an RFMD analysis (including SAS and regression tools) to identify the “best” customer as females between the ages of 25 and 45 who are married and are affluent. Based on these insights, a series of marketing actions were recommended, including running a customer loyalty program. The full assessment can be viewed in the presentation provided above.

Capstone Project – Client: solemates LLC

  • Course: Capstone
  • Presentation: December 2014
  • Presentation Materials: click here
  • Project Description: Came up with a business idea and corresponding business plan for presentation to a panel of judges from the industry. The business plan included industry and market analysis, P&L and breakeven, SWOT analysis, risk factors assessment and marketing plan for FY1.
  • Business Idea: solemates LLC a vending machine company specializing in selling immediate relief footwear to women at high-traffic venues where the shoes are needed the most.
  • Recommendation: Recommendations included targeting the nightclub industry and airports. Full assessment can be viewed at the link above.

Additional Work

  • Click here to view a sampling of page designs from my work as a page designer for the Sports and Life! sections of The Beacon (my alma mater‘s newspaper). In 2007, I was the recipient of the paper’s annual “Page Designer of the Year” recognition. Additional designs are available upon request.