On Idiot Humans and Puppy Love

Who doesn’t like dogs? They give off a sense of warmth and happiness that makes you want to get on the floor with them and roll around and hug them and just feel loved. You can’t beat that unconditional love they are so eager to give. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are many people who think that dogs feel no pain or have no emotions. Luckily, organizations like Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue help save dogs from, as they put it, idiot humans.

I learned about Badass Brooklyn when I came across this Facebook share by HONY today.

source: HONY Facebook

source: HONY Facebook

The post featured a picture of a dog, named Brandon Stanton, who was rescued by Badass. Now, for those of you who didn’t catch that: the dog is named Brandon Stanton – after the guy who started HONY. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HONY, here is a quick recap courtesy of Wikipedia:

“HONY, which stands for Humans of New York, is a photoblog that was started by photographer Brandon Stanton in 2010. The tumblr blog, which has since also become a bestselling  book, features portraits and interviews of people in New York City.”

As of today, HONY’s Facebook page has more than 2.3 million likes and countless more on other social sharing sites like Instagram. Yes, you read that right…2.3 million likes. That means that Brandon (the human) shared the Badass Brooklyn post on HONY to all of his blog’s followers. Which means that the chances of this adorable dog finding a loving home just increased exponentially. And not just for Brandon (the dog), but for all other dogs rescued by Badass Brooklyn.

Badass Brooklyn did a bad ass (pun intended) thing and named a dog after someone with millions of followers knowing that he would likely share it to all of his followers given the nature of his blog. For a non-profit like Badass, which relies on limited funding and donations, it was a brilliant move and something all companies big or small should consider when thinking about inexpensive ways to maximize their reach!